Illustrations for the French magazine.
The first is for the « Prophétie » (prophecy) section, this one about the book “The 33rd marriage of Donia Nour”, a science fiction by H. Z. Ilmi, an Egyptian author. 
The second is about the overtime work culture in game companies.

I’ve tried a more adult approach for the Donia Nour illustration, contrasting the female organic shapes to the more square shaped buildings on the horizon. The magenta skyline was a choice since the conception, and I didn’t want a multitude of colors on the city part of the illustration. I wanted the viewer to focus on the character in this crazy futuristic Cairo.

On the second illustration, I was more in my comfort zone, creating something as fun looking as I could, considering the theme. More rounded shapes, a Super Mario reference in the center of the illustration (but far away from the main characters).

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